Terms and conditions

By registering for access to the historical data on the SFBF website I agree to the following terms:

I understand that, unless I hold an active license agreement with SFBF, all SFBF benchmark data is provided for my information and personal use only.

I acknowledge and agree I shall not copy, modify, reproduce, disclose, distribute or disseminate, either directly or indirectly through any third parties, the data and information displayed on this webpage to any person or entity for any commercial reasons without prior signature of a license agreement with SFBF.

I acknowledge that the data made available to me will NOT be used for redistribution or commercial exploitation, including, but not limited to, the use of the data in an information service to third parties either as the raw data or an input used to generate derived data for onward distribution.

As the registrant I acknowledge that should I wish to use the data in any of the ways outlined above (on a commercial basis) I will contact SFBF directly to agree and sign the appropriate license. Contact the Subscriptions Team


SFBF reserves the right to deactivate user accesses should we have reason to believe the data is being used outside of the agreed terms of provision.

Fees apply to:

    • End users needing to access and/or use the data in real time quality (i.e. up to 24 hours from publication) for their internal business purposes, for example corporate use, advisory services, etc.
    • End users using the data, be it real time or delayed, for the purpose of processing it or combining it with other data to create derived information or a derived product offered to third parties. This includes the usage of historical data.
    • Information vendors distributing the Live and/or Delayed data to their clients. This includes the usage of historical data.
    • Exchanges, clearing houses or ancillary service providers using the data for transactional/settlement purposes, fund administration, custodian services etc. This includes the usage of historical data.