The STIBOR tenors are T/N (Tomorrow/Next), 1-week, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months.

The most recent rates published via the SFBF website are published, with a 24 hour delay (min), on each business day in Sweden at 11.00am.


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The Stockholm Interbank Offered Rate, STIBOR, is an interest rate benchmark calculated and published on each business day in Sweden. STIBOR is recognised as a critical benchmark of vital importance for financial stability and market integrity in Sweden. STIBOR fulfills the following criteria as a critical benchmark:

    • the value of contracts underlying the benchmark is at least €400bn;
    • the benchmark has no, or very few, appropriate market-led substitutes;
    • in the event the benchmark ceases to be provided, or becomes unrepresentative of the underlying market, there would be significant and adverse impacts on market integrity, financial stability, consumers, the real economy or the financing of households and businesses in Sweden.

The total value of financial instruments and financial contracts referencing STIBOR is about eight times larger than the gross national product of Sweden. STIBOR is the benchmark commonly used in financial contracts, bonds and loans and in most types of interest rate and currency derivatives for Swedish kronor. The definition of STIBOR is  “STIBOR is a measure of the interest rate applied by panel banks for unsecured lending in Swedish krona (SEK) to leading banks.”

STIBOR is determined with the Input Data contributed by a panel of credit institutions (Panel Banks) that are representative of the Swedish financial market.

STIBOR ® is a registered trademark of the Swedish Bankers’ Association and used with permission.

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