STIBOR Transparency Indicators Report – February 2022

Transparency Reports

The Swedish Financial Benchmark Facility has today published its STIBOR Transparency Indicators Report containing the following aggregated anonymised indicators to provide transparency in the determination of STIBOR.

  • Contribution levels broken down by STIBOR® tenor
  • Aggregate notional volumes of transactions
  • Counterparty sectors’ share of volume
  • Bid to Offer Spread (BOS)
  • Transactions: currency break down

The publication of the STIBOR Transparency Indicators Report meets requirements of the EU Benchmarks Regulation (BMR) and recommendations under the IOSCO Principles.

Click here to access the monthly STIBOR Transparency Indicators Reports.

STIBOR is an interest rate benchmark calculated and published on each business day in Sweden. STIBOR is determined with the Input Data contributed, in an automated and controlled manner, by Panel Banks representative of the Swedish financial market. A Panel Bank’s contribution toward STIBOR is based on executed transactions, when available, and on a combination of market pricing and mathematical techniques when transactional evidence is insufficient. The minimum notional volume for an eligible transaction is equal to or above 100 mSEK. Details on the calculation methodology are available and published on the SFBF website library.

STIBOR was designated a critical benchmark on 17 October 2018 in accordance with EU Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/1557. SFBF has lodged an application for authorisation under the (EU) Benchmark Regulation (BMR) with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. STIBOR remains eligible and can be used for existing and new financial contracts, financial instruments or for measuring investment funds, during the application process as per BMR article 51, unless or until the authorisation is refused.